photo project: drive-by perú

I took two bus rides in Peru. The first was a tourist bus that carried me from Cusco to the town of Puno on the banks of Lake Titicaca. The bus was cheaper than flying and I wanted to have the experience of seeing Peru from the road. I got to the bus station in Cusco early, only to find out the ticket I’d bought for 70 soles from a travel office in the Plaza de Armas was no good. The guy told me he could sell me another ticket, and he’d give it to me for 40 soles. The double decker bus was spacious, the seats reclined, the windows were big. There was a USB port over my head to charge my phone for the hours-long journey, and a sign on the bathroom door that said “Urinary Only.” I had a reclining seat all by myself against the window. I put my earbuds in to drown out the obnoxious American movie playing on a tiny T.V. in ridiculously loud English, a language most of the riders wouldn’t have understood at any volume, munched on Inka Corn, and gazed out the window for eight hours as we climbed toward Puno.

The following images are snapshots of Peru taken with my iPhone through that window.




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