other projects

KarenFred.com — Visual art and illustration portfolio

While you can see design and photography examples here on karenpetree.com, I also do a lot of illustration and composites. It was important to me to keep those two things separate and distinct, since as a journalist I deal in objective facts, and as an artist I deal in imagination and while my composites are usually quite obvious and fantastical, I feel it’s ethically important to make sure the line between fact and imagination is crystal clear. This site was built on WordPress.com. Click here to open karenfred.com in a new tab.

Irving Writing Company

I started the Irving Writing Company LLC during the pandemic as a side hustle and a learning opportunity. I already did quite a lot of freelance “Can you help me with my writing???” work, so I decided to go official. It has been an opportunity to learn the basics of business, marketing, accounting, and organization, among a lot of other things—far too many to list here. I built the site with WIX. Click here to open the Irving Writing Company’s website in a new tab.