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Here to Remind You

June 13 marks the twentieth anniversary of the release of Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”, and like many thirtyish year-old women, I wouldn’t have made it through without the rock star my mother used to say sounded like a yodeling hippie.   But Alanis taught us it was okay to be angry, information that got…

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Abortion and Obamacare

President Obama’s healthcare reform act is one of the most significant pieces of legislation for women’s healthcare in decades. It expands coverage to over 10 million low-income women.  Pregnancy, previous cesarean sections and sexual and physical abuse can no longer be treated as pre-existing conditions. And women across the country now have easier access to…

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Gillibrand’s Fight

The United States joined over 100 other countries in September at the United Nations and pledged to end sexual violence in war. After it was adopted, Angelina Jolie, who campaigned for the issue with UK foreign minister William Hague, told the General Assembly, “you have a sent a message to survivors that their rights and…

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The Gluten-Free Paradox

MANHATTAN – Wheat gluten is the food industry’s new bad guy. Blamed for everything from arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and acne to lethargy, acid reflux and migraines, wheat gluten is this generation’s culinary culprit.

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Museum Exhibit Spotlights “the Forgotten Borough”

MANHATTAN — A new exhibit opening this week at the Museum of the City of New York spotlights Staten Island. The exhibit, titled “From Farm to City: Staten Island 1661-2012”, tells the story of Staten Island’s development over the last 350 years.  The purpose of the exhibit is to show that Staten Island, often referred…

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Brooklyn Hospital Center See Ominous Future under Obamacare

BROOKLYN —As many Fort Greene and Clinton Hill residents eagerly await the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the Brooklyn Hospital Center sees an ominous future under the law. When the law is fully implemented in January 2014, Medicaid eligibility will expand coverage to an additional 16 million Americans. According to Richard Becker, president…

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CUSCO— July 21, 2017 | Women march through the Plaza de Armas carrying signs in support of the national teachers’ strike
NEW YORK — September 17, 2012 | A woman holds a sign out the window of a taxi during protests marking the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.
A line of cars in front of apartment buildings are damaged by broken tree and downed power lines caused by Superstorm Sandy in Queens.
QUEENS— Oct. 30, 2012 | Superstorm Sandy uprooted trees and damaged cars and power lines in Queens.