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sweet potatoes galore

Several times a week, my mother shows up at my door, often with a problematic electronic device, sometimes with a bag full of leftovers or a few groceries, and occasionally, inexplicably, bearing a single sweet potato: “in case you wanted to cook it with something.”

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The Moon Lit the Way

It was the best sleep of my life. The moon overhead was a day or two shy of full glory and so far away from city lights that the stars were still visible in its brightness. The insects hummed lullabies. The wind blew the dark waves gently against the lakeshore, their crests highlighted with silver…

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Book Review

“The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off!” by Gloria Steinem If I could conjure a patronus, I wouldn’t be surprised if it took the form of Gloria Steinem.  This book fills me with hope. When I first picked up The Truth Will Set You Free, I’d only ever read…

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