Karen Petree is a freelance writer and visual designer

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Karen was born and raised in Texas and took a long, meandering path to get to where she is. She’s studied anthropology at university, attempted to teach Korean preschoolers English in China, once worked in a bookstore, and has traveled all over the place.

She is or has been a writer, teacher, photographer, journalist, anthropologist, traveler, designer, artist, painter, and (briefly in the early aughts) a car mechanic. It may seem disconnected, but it’s all just storytelling in the end. Good visual design tells an engaging story.

As a writer, she’s well-rounded and can report on multi-layered stories or pen thoughtful personal essays. Other than her own experiences and the meaning of life, some of her favorite topics are women and feminism, culture, creativity, her fascinatingly complicated home state of Texas, and traveling. She finds that most things prove to be interesting if you stay curious and dig deep enough.

If you’d like to contact Karen, email her through her website or find her on social media. Otherwise, check the nearest bookstore or taco joint. She’s a nerd with a thing for tacos.

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Essays and Features

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