Dear Hillary

Dear Secretary Clinton,

This feels terrible.  It feels like America has woken up from her dream to an unthinkable reality.  Wednesday morning every beat of my heartfelt as if it were pumping a fresh flood of grief into my soul.  I cannot even begin to imagine the complexity of emotion you must have felt as the results came in on election night, to have been so close.  To have won the vote, but lost the presidency.  More of us voted for you than voted for that man,and it doesn’t seem fair.  We are grieving, wounded, and angry.  We need you now.  Take your time, process this heartbreak, but I ask you to please one day soon, put pantsuit up and keep fighting for us.  We will, too.

In this election, we watched you as you faced a blitzkrieg of verbal assault and misogyny.  Your character was questioned along with your love for your country.  But you had been raked over the coals before.  You went through this as First Lady of Arkansas and then of the United States, as a Senator, and then in 2008 when you ran for the Democratic nomination.  Then, and some people might’ve thought you were crazy, you signed up for more.  You went through it all again, the vitriol intensified as the stakes were higher, because you believed in a future that even women of my “liberated” generation have sometimes hesitated to believe was possible.  You were willing to fight like hell for it.  Girls and women around the country and the world watched you be insulted, watched them throw every vile invective they could dig up at you, humiliate and threaten you, and we watched you handle it with grace.  We watched you put one foot in front of another as if you were impervious to it, even though we know that you, like us, are not. We watched you stand back up when most of us would’ve stayed down.  You dusted yourself off, and continued your message with grace and humility.  And then even though you won, you lost.  We lost.

This letter may not bear the salutation Madam President, but the way you ran the race has done more for us than you will ever realize or we will ever forget.  But like you, we will stand up, dust ourselves off, and keep fighting for our Dream with grace, humility and unprecedented strength.   There’s no going back now.  



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